We are very pleased to share the information about the next success of our company. In 2018 the Management Board of PCC MCAA Sp. z o.o. decided to undergo an external audit in accordance with the principles and criteria of the TfS (Together for Sustainability) initiative.

The audit was carried out by an independent external company (TfS certified auditor) in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Environment
  • Health and Safety
  • Labor and Human Rights
  • Governance

As a result of the first such audit at PCC MCAA Sp. z o.o. corrective actions have been planned and initiated. Implementation of these actions in our company were confirmed during the follow-up audit in December 2019.
We therefore would like to point out that the Customers of PCC MCAA Sp. z o.o. have independent evidences that cooperation with our company is supported by a responsible business, based on international sustainable principles.

Quoting for https://tfs-initiative.com/
* Together for Sustainability (TfS) is a joint initiative of chemical companies, founded in 2011. It has developed and implemented a global program to assess, audit and improve sustainability practices within the supply chains of the chemical industry. TfS aims to build the industry’s standard for sustainable supply chains and has established a standard approach for evaluating and improving the sustainability performance of suppliers within chemical industry supply chains. Moreover, TfS assessments and audits are conducted to a pre-defined set of criteria and then shared across TfS members, improving efficiency for all involved.